Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Meet the interns.

This summer, I decided to try something a little different, with the kids not in school things can get a little crazy around here. To help me with the work load, as well as bring me up to date with the wonders of the world wide web, I decided to take on interns. The experience has been great so far, and I hope to say the same for them. Not only are they my interns, but they are also talented artists themselves. Meet the interns:

Kate is a photographer and writer, who found her way out to Portland, Oregon from Boulder, Colorado when she moved west to attend Lewis & Clark College. Upon graduating with a degree in Sociology & Cultural Anthropology she embarked into the world of pretending to be a grown-up. Thus far that adventure has included working in mental healthcare, working in food service, falling in love with yoga, learning how to surf and making sure to shoot a multitude of photos and jot down endless notes along the way. At the beginning of this summer Kate became one of Hadley Hutton's summer interns. For Kate this experience has been exciting, diverse and full of enjoyable challenges. Her role with Hadley has involved writing pitch letters, crafting press releases, contacting retailers and product photography of Hadley's delightful creations.
In addition to working for Hadley, Kate is also working as the publicist for Merge, a local fashion+retail event taking place this fall. To learn more about Kate and to see more of her work visit her website and blog.

Joanna is an illustrator and graphic designer hailing from Marquette, Michigan, who moved to Portland just 4 short months ago. Joanna graduated from a small arts college in Grand Rapids Michigan, with a BFA in illustration. She came to Portland in hopes of starting the next chapter in her life, as well as her career as a professional artist. Still unsure of which direction she wanted to take her arts career, she answered an ad in craigslist calling for an arts marketing and management intern. Thus she met Hadley, she has spent the summer building Hadley's blog and social media presence and has enjoyed doing other design projects for her. In the fall Joanna with begin a new internship with Bitch Magazine, which she is very excited about. To learn more about Joanna and to see more of her work visit her blog.

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