Thursday, January 16, 2014

Custom Silhouette Portraits

I completed a family of portraits for a happy client. I love how the pieces reflect each individual in the family, yet work seamlessly together.

I am available to work on custom portrait projects. Contact me here to discuss your project ideas, and get a quote.

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  1. I can't recommend Hadley enough for a custom project!!!

    I was open to anything and excited not to know exactly what she planed to do for our silhouettes. We sent pictures and I only told her the following so she could get a sense of our family:
    -We live in a 200 year-old farm house on a river (the house is a bit dilapidated but the barn has a great cupola on it.
    -My husband, Luke, has a horticulture degree and his favorite thing is fresh cut flowers. His favorite flower is the Columbine but he also loves ferns.
    -My son, Lincoln's, favorite color is orange and he has a very active and spirited personality.
    - The only thing I ask for on my birthday and anniversary every year is a handwritten letter from my husband.

    I think she did a spectacular job! I will treasure them forever!